Personal Firearm Instruction

This course offers one on one instruction emphasizing fine tuning safe gun handling skills as well as increasing your accuracy and competency levels with your handgun. It is a shooting range only course, so all students must bring their unloaded handgun in a safe carrying container, (No holsters can be worn at this range) eye and ear protection approved for shooting sports, and 200 rounds of ammo for your handgun.  ($75 course fee plus $10 cash range fee).

If you have any questions, call or Contact Us.

We will be concentrating on your grip, stance, attaining a sight picture, loading and unloading, improving presentation, accuracy and range safety procedures. All instructors are NRA certified Pistol Instructors and Range Safety Officers. You will have the opportunity to join the Ocala Sportsman's Association, whose members own the range.

This course is customized to match your shooting skills level and your needs to achieve improved proficiency in handling your handgun. We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Always remember, your safety is our priority!